Friends created my smile

“Five minutes more!” said the teacher from his chair in the corner of the classroom beside the whiteboard. I started to be panic. My right hand wiped sweat that was drown out on my brow with a handkerchief and I knitted forehead to think hard about the exact answers of two more questions that I didn’t answer yet in this Critical Reading test. Unfortunately, the time was almost at an end. Some students submitted their answer sheet on the teacher’s table before the teacher said ‘time is up’. I my self couldn’t answer one more question when the teacher said loudly, “Time is up!! Everyone submits your answer sheet on this table right now!!!” while pointing toward his table with his sharp eyes that were beholding all the students. I submitted my answer sheet on the teacher’s table fatefully because I missed one question.

After the test, my friends, Zilpa and Damay, and I went to the canteen to buy some food and drinks to refresh our mind from the test. I still felt very disappointed with my self because I couldn’t do the test well and I couldn’t forget it. But I wondered when I saw my friends’ face were happy as usual, it seemed like they hadn’t had a very difficult test today.

“I hate my brain! I can’t do the test well whereas I’ve read all the materials last night!!! Ugh!!!” I sighed while ordering a glass of ice tea.

“Calm down, Rayi. You have done your best!” said Zilpa while clapping my right shoulder.

“Yup! Just forget it guys! How about we go to there?” Damay was pointing toward a park beside the canteen that was known as Bukit Salib. “Taking pictures!” she shouted cheerfully.

“Good idea!” Zilpa shouted too. She hugged Damay and I while smiling brightly as bright as the sun in that afternoon. We did long-joyful steps to Bukit Salib. Actually I was not really excited like them to take pictures because I still felt dejected with my Critical Reading test.

That was a great shiny day with light-blue sky, clear-white cloud, and small-cute birds’ twitter everywhere. Bukit Salib was such a small green hill in my campus that had fresh air because there were many shady-big-green trees that contributed clear oxygen for breathing and some colorful and gorgeous flowers added the comeliness of Bukit Salib. There were not few dark brown-wooden benches and tables too here. I saw people around me laughing gladly with their friends while doing their own various activities like chatting, doing lecture assignments, taking a rest while eating snacks, and many others. This place was really perfect and suitable to restore mind from the saturation in studying like what my friends and I were doing right now.

Among people who were busy with their own activities, friends of mine and I chose to sit in the long-dark-brown-wooden chair in the centre of the park and under a leafy-big-green tree. Then, Zilpa took her notebook outside immediately and put it on the round-dark-brown-wooden table. She turned on the webcam and we were ready to take pictures. Then, we were smiling widely with our own pose.

“Say cheers!” shouted Damay. “Cheeeeeerrrrrrsssss!!!!” yelled all of us. Ckrek! We took a nice picture of ourselves. All were smiling as we felt that we hadn’t had a difficult test at this moment.

We changed our pose and took our pictures once again. We did it several times with different poses and positions, and we laughed together when we took a picture with some silly expressions like stressed out faces with untidy hair, worried faces with biting our hand’s nails, and many other silly expressions. It made some people’s astonished-eyes staring at us but we didn’t care, we had sunken in our happiness.

We just did a simple thing, which was taking pictures, but this became a special thing when we did it with friends. I really could forget my sadness of my test because there were my friends beside me who were able to create a smile on my face. I realized that friends were one of the important things in my life that were able to make my life more cheerful and colorful. Friends also taught me about togetherness that could recoup sadness with happiness.

*It was my Narrative Writing Final Draft :D

Nuel, Rayi (me), Damay, Finna, and Zilpa
with different position and pose^^


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