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3 Alasan Rendah Diri itu Oke

Pernah ga ngerasa "Gue ini apa? Gue engga lebih dari seonggok daging bernyawa yang bisa jalan dan ngupil dengan handal. Bahkan upil gue aja bisa jadi lem, sementara gue merekatkan hatinya dengan hati gue aja gak bisa..." Oke, kalimat yang terakhir itu emang lebay. Gue serius, pernah ga lo ngerasa diri lo itu gak bisa diandelin, gak bisa apa-apa, cemen lah pokoknya? Pernah gak lo ngerasa gak guna, gak bisa jadi orang wow yang bisa melakukan atau menciptakan hal-hal yang wow? Pernah gak lo merasa diri lo gak lebih baik dari upil yang ternyata ada manfaatnya juga buat ngelem? Gue, pernah. Satu istilah yang bisa mendeskripsikan wacana di atas, "rendah diri." Hal ini adalah momok hancurnya seseorang jika dibiarkan berlama-lama di dalam pikiran, perasaan, dan hidupnya. Masih mending juga nyimpen upil, daripada nyimpen "rendah diri" lama-lama. Kok dari tadi upil mulu ya? Ya, mungkin karena upil itu kasian, jarang dibangga-banggakan, gue cuma gak pengen aja

i am just bored with similarities in routines

The sexiest reason for me to go home fast is my bed because i am so sleepy. But, sometimes you want more than a bed. Am i right? Something which is alive. Well, English has a term for it, "someone." Is it clear enough? No, i am not in the mood of finding mr. right as soon as possible. I just feel bored with my bed, my room, my usual activities, my common zone. That's comfort, but common. I am in the mood of looking for differences out of my routines. It's totally boring when you get up early in the morning, sometimes 5 or 10 minutes late. Then, you take a bath in hurry. You get dressed. You say to the mirror that "you are awesome! today is gonna be a great day!" Then, you go. You work. You face your stuff. You see the clock and wanna kill it for you are missing your bed so bad. Then, you sleep. Those daily things officially happen in most of the days in a week. Whatta! So, here it comes. That feeling. Am i the one and only person that feels

This World is Lullaby

i have to still be awake my eyes must keep opened this world is lullaby but if i sleep on it, i die. some sleep on it, they're insane they forget to wake up this world is more than sleeping pills it's a tender bed once you lay on, forever you will sleep this world is so nice it is an apple with poison we have to still be awake our eyes must keep opened this world is lullaby but if we sleep on it, we die.