Brought Ur name

Everyone needs to be loved and needs to love somebody else, that's why we're called human. If there's someone who says "I don't need love", he/she is a big lier and it's same as he/she actually wanna say "I really need love" but maybe it's too hard to say. So do I, not about a lier, but I need to love someone and to be loved with the same one. So, it's about my silly love. I call it silly because I do not know whether what I feel is called love or not.

Some days ago, I talked with my friend about someone who would be our life's partner. She told that her pray about a man he liked was answered and now they are a couple. "Wow!" I yelled. Deepest in my heart, if it happened with me... and I imagined someone who I called Buzz. Now my turn to share about the same topic. I just told that there's someone I'd just liked since a single-fast moment happened with us that night and I wanted to love him but I only wasn't brave to feel it. My friend said that I could bring his name to God, shared to Him, told what I wanted to share about him and did it for some months, then looked what His answer. Yes, I did.

On Wednesday morning, 25th May, I brought his name bravely. I would do it for two months later, maybe till 25th July. I just shared to God the moment when that feeling came, who he was, what I felt, etc and now I'm still waiting what He will answer. However, it's kinda a silly thing cause he's so far away, how come I pray for him but I never meet him and do something together that maybe will grow this feeling higher and higher between us. I don't know. I just desire to brought ur name in my pray. He never knows it, but God knows. We'll see :)


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